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Some selected CVE-lite vessel screenshots

Double Fregat and Probe

Two stacked fregats about to launch a Luna probe somewhere very fast.

Soyuz ascent
Fairing Sep
Initial climbaway
Fairing jettison

Orbital insertion
Orbital insertion with Fregat and Mars Express.

Both Soyuz Launchers
The manned Soyuz-FG (fore) and unmanned Soyuz-U (back) launchers sit ready at a hazy Baikonur cosmodrome.

Fleet review
All the combinations of Ariane 5 available in the  new addon.
ATV (from Ariane 5 package) dockd at ISS.

A4 fleet
All of the Ariane 4 variants .

A4 boos stage
An A44LP blasts off into the afternoon sky.

Vulcan takes off at dusk
A CVE-lite Vulcan takes off at dusk.
Vulcan over KSC Vulcan releasing TLAM over KSC. Good camouflage, eh?
Vulcan climbs away from RAF Manston after dark
Vulcan with two underslung TLAMs and three free-fall Probes climbs out from RAF Manston after dark.
Vulcan returning to Earth
Vulcan returning for a perfect touchdown at KSC.
Vulcan and DG
Vulcan gives a ride to a DG with a TLAM along for good measure.
The TLAM approaches Lydd
The TLAM approaches its target: Lydd spaceport  under automatic guidance, travelling at over 500mph.

Atlanits on pad
A CVE-lite Atlantis sits on the pad with a Fregat-assisted Module-1 in the bay.

The CVE-lite Atlantis orbiter jettisions its multistaged payload, described using GPDS in the scenario file.